CUBEx, flameproof system

The CUBEx system Exd enclosures are cast from marine grade copper free aluminium alloy or made of stainless steel. They are primarily designed for use as distribution panels, control panels, control stations or junction boxes. The sizes are compatible with the existing modular design of R. STAHL for 8125 Exe and 8225 Exd IIC enclosures.

Their unique modular design, incorporating parallel sides, makes them ideal for multiple assemblies and for use in combinations with other STAHL equipment.

Modulair design

The Exd design allows for standard industrial components to be assembled in the CUBEx enclosure and wired according to customer specifications. Full system design and integration in single or multiple assemblies is available if required.

Control equipment, signal lamps and inspection windows, e.g. for measuring instruments, can be fitted on the lid of the enclosure. In this case lid hinges can be provided.

Direct cable entries in the flameproof enclosures can be realized by Exd cable glands or conduit entries. If indirect entries are required a Stahl 8125 Exe terminal box can be bolted on fitted with Exe cable glands or conduit hubs.

Special features and advantages

  • Material: marine grade copper-free alumnum alloy, suitable for off-shore applications or stainless steel
  • 8 sizes available
  • Designed for use in atmospheres with group IIA and IIB Gases, IIB + H2 and Dust
  • Ambient temperature –20°C…+50°C, optionally for –50°C…+50°C.
    ATEX & IECEx certified
  • Ingress protection: IP66, NEMA 4X
  • Modular design with parallel sides suitable for multiple assemblies
  • Maximum voltage 11 kV (e.g. ignition transformers)
  • Maximum current 1250A
  • Maximum cable connection 300mm²
  • Suitable for housing standard industrial components and equipment
  • Usage: distribution boards, control panels, control stations & terminal boxes
  • Reinforced lid for mounting of inspection windows and control equipment:
    • Inspection windows: max. Ø 150mm circular and max. 300x225mm rectangular
    • Full range available of pushbuttons, signal lamps, switch- and circuit breaker handles
  • Cover hinges in stainless steel 316, available on one long and one short side of the enclosure
  • Direct entry and indirect cable entry possible via cable glands, conduit hubs or Exe junction boxes
  • External surfaces smooth and flat, supplied with internal mounting flanges
  • Certified for mounting on 1 cm distance between the mutual enclosures or other obstacles (according to the standards this is min. 3 cm)
  • The enclosures are supplied unpainted. Of course paint finish is possible according to customer specification
  • Mounting of 19” racks possible
  • Conductor bushing available for direct electrical connections between 2 Exd boxes


Where the STAHL Exe junction boxes 8125 are used for indirect entries they are bolted to the CUBEx housing and through-wired using certified bushings.
The Exe junction boxes series 8125 are available in epoxy powder coated sheet steel or stainless steel 316; also removable gland plates are available.
All existing Exe STAHL components can be mounted in the Exe enclosures.
To maintain IP66 on the front cover and enclosure a through-shaft assembly has been developed for all operating handles etc.
The dimensions of the CUBEx enclosures have been designed to be compatible with the existing STAHL 8225 & 8125 enclosures.  


  • ATEX Certified; Certificate number: KEMA 01 ATEX 2145X
  • IECEx Certified; Certificate number: IECEx KEM 07.0051
  • Approvals: Cenelec and UL2279
  • Explosion protection type Ex II 2 GD; EExd IIB T* acc. to EN 50014ff
  • Suitable for use in  gaseous and dust filled atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2 and Zone 22 (Cenelec; IEC)
  • Explosion protection Class I, Zone 1, AEx de IIB+H2 T* (USA)
  • Explosion protection Class I, Div. 1 Group BCD (USA)
  • Explosion protection Class II, Group EFG (USA)
  • Explosion protection Class III (USA)
  • Explosion protection Class I, Div. 2 Group CD (USA)
  • Explosion protection Ex de IIB T* (Canada)
  • Explosion protection EEx deqm[ia][ib] IIB T*  (Poland)
  • Explosion protection 1ExedIIBT* or 1ExdIIBT*  (Russia)


CUBEx Exd enclosures, 8264 series in Aluminum or Stainless Steel

CUBEx Exd enclosures, 8264 series for UL applications

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