Cooperation between Electromach and American HVAC specialist, Specific Systems

Electromach has started a cooperation with the American company Specific Systems.

Specific Systems also engineers and manufactures HVAC units for light industrial, commercial, and military applications with industrial single unit capacities up to 50 tons (600,000 BTUH).

Together with Electromach, Specific Systems designed an ATEX certified Air conditioning system. These Air conditioning systems will be available on short notice.

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Ex-news: Overview standards of the 60079 series

In this newsletter you will find the first overview of standards relating to explosion safety. The first overview contains the standards of the 60079 series, an actual overview of the standards and the actual status of every standard.

The data for these overviews comes from several sources. We cannot accept any claims relating to these documents. If errors are detected, please notify us.

We will update these documents every upcoming newsletter.

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Explosion protected Exe junction boxes, at stock!

As of now, Electromach can supply, direct from their extensive inventory, explosion protected Exe junction boxes.

The junction boxes are foreseen with the maximum amount of terminals and punched entries.

Place your order and specify how many cable glands / stopping plugs you will need, and they will be package separately. The cable glands/stopping plugs can be mounted easily at site.

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Obstruction lights

Electromach can supply a complete range of marking lighting from 10 cd up to 20.000 cd for both day and night identification (manufactured by Pfannenberg).

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Compact zone 1 pneumatic module for R. STAHL’s remote I/O system

Bus module instead of a valve island: 8 solenoid valve block on the IS1 rail

Designed as a plug-in module and thus requiring little installation space, R.STAHL's new DOMV pneumatic module for the IS1 remote I/O system is a considerably more compact solution than conventional additional valve islands.

The module, which is snapped onto the BusRail, is supplied via the IS1 system. Furthermore, it is directly connected to the remote I/O system's internal data and address bus.

Thanks to this complete integration, no additional efforts are required for wiring, configuration and monitoring of the DOMV via IS1.

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Sunlight readable displays for explosion-protected HMI systems

No more glare….

The PC-based, explosion-protected operating systems from the Open HMI series can now be fitted with the new innovative 15" displays to reduce glare and reflections to a minimum.

The new displays can be read easily, even in bright sunlight, since a filter pack effectively diverts even strong incoming ambient light. The new solution is based on a very effective combination of polarisation filters placed on top of and behind one another in front of the display.

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New website for E2S

E2S, European Safety Systems, launched a new website. 

For more information about acoustic- and visual signalling equipment, please visit

All E2S products are available at Electromach.

Sales Team Electromach

Would you like to contact our Sales Team directly?

Please visit our website for all contact information from our internal- and external Sales Team.

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