Central Battery System from R.STAHL (WFZB)

Do you have multiple emergency lighting fixtures in your factory? R.STAHL has the solution for you! A central battery system, for an efficient en cost-effective maintenance programme. The central battery system (series WFZB) is already profitable, using more than 12 lighting fixtures. This is a great way to simplify your maintenance activities significantly and save on your maintenance costs.

The central battery system (series WFZB) prevents a maintenance engineer checking all lighting fixtures individually every 2 years to replace the battery. R.STAHL’s solution with the central battery system is easy accessible for the maintenance engineer, as all batteries are installed in one cabinet. Batteries can be exchanged quickly and efficiently. More than 600 lighting points can be maintained and programmed from one location.

The central unit

Initially, to Install a central battery system, more time will be needed to connect all the lighting fixtures to the central unit and additionally 1 day of commissioning will be required. However, for the future, the annual maintenance costs will be reduced significantly when compared to a conventional system.

To ensure the correct operation of the central battery system, 3 parameters will be monitored closely: the ambient temperature, the temperature inside the cabinet and the temperature within the battery compartments.

A so-called ‘address module’ enables an operator to switch the lights. Several monitoring and test options are available for the central unit. Also individually for the address modules, to monitor a correct operation of the unit and the lighting fixtures. To ensure immediate action in case potential errors or malfunctioning are indicated, the GRPS or SMS networks can be effectively used.


The cabinet for the central battery system is taylormade to ensure a flexible and versatile installation. The cabinet will be placed in a non-hazardous (non-Ex) environment and can be used for lighting fixtures installed in a safe or hazardous area.

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Central Battery System, series WFZB

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