6036: The lightweight LED fixture

Switch to LED with the Energy Investment!

This highly robust ATEX fixture can withstand many shocks and vibrations.
The tubular LED lamp is innovatively designed to replace fluorescent lamps 2x36 watts (the so-called fluorescent lamp). This ATEX LED lamp can be considered as a great technological product. This is partly due to the low energy consumption, a long durability of 80.000 hours and its robustness that is suitable for many heavy industrial environments such as oil. It is also a great advantage that the lamp is easy to keep clean.
The 6063 has a low inrush current so it is not always necessay to replace or extend the circuit breakers of a light installation, when changing from conventional to LED.  

This Ex- tubular fixture fully complies to the requirements of the ATEX-guidelines. Due to the more compact model and its low weight this tube lamp can be applied in any space and the mounting brackets ensure that it can be brought into any desired position. A temperature range of -55...+60 degrees Celsius is not an exception for this fixture.

This tube lamp is available in three different lengths which results in a power of 28/38 or 49 Watt. It is self-evident that there is also a diffuser available for every length of the tube lamp. Besides that there is the choice between a cable length of 2.5 meters or 5.0 meters for the explosion-proof tube lamp. This light weighted fixture is very simple to assemble and is free from maintenance. This ensures a quick payback of the costs.

Become eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)!

Invest now profitably in energy efficient technologies and renewable energy.The 6036 LED lamp has a specific luminous flux of at least 107lm/W with a colour temperature of 5000 K. Besides that this LED lightning fixture has a power factor of 0,95 what makes this lamp eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance. With the EIA it is possible to deduct 41,5% of the investment costs from the taxable profit, on top of the usual depreciation.

Click here for more information about the Energy Investment Allowance.


  • Robust design for heavy industrial environments
  • Light weighted <2,5 kg
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long durability of 80.000 hours
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Quick start-up
  • Suitable for zone 1-2-21-22
  • IP68

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