Battery container for hazardous area

ATEX certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2

The battery container type BC is especially designed to operate under most severe environmental conditions in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Battery containers, type BC, are designed for outdoor use for onshore and offshore environments.

The battery containers are standard made of stainless steel 316L with a blast cleaned finish. Optional is a paint finish. Other material such as a steel hot dip galvanized finish is possible on request.

Standard execution

The battery containers are foreseen with a special developed labyrinth which will provide adequate ventilation in the container, so the hydrogen concentration will remain below the required limit of the lower explosion level (LEL). These labyrinths are so constructed that they are suitable for operation in open offshore conditions.

Covers are foreseen with a door catcher to prevent closing of the cover in open position. The covers are also padlockable to prevent access of unauthorized personnel.

The inside housing of the container is fully insulated to prevent electrical contact with the enclosure.

The battery container is used to place standard manufacturer battery blocks, such as:

  • lead acid
  • nickel cadmium
  • nickel metal hybrid batteries


  • Battery containers are custom made
  • Containers are available with top cover and with pick doors
  • Container sizes are selected to meet the battery blocks
  • Hydrogen test will be executed
  • Battery containers are suited to operate in open areas under most aggressive chemical and offshore conditions
  • Battery containers can be provided with main switch or circuit breaker, temperature detectors or even with a battery charger suitable for the area built in a separate enclosure

Technical data





Explosion protection

Ex II 2G EEx e II T6


Zone 1 and Zone 2

Test certificate

KEMA 03 ATEX 2446X

"X" stands for special conditions for safe use with regards to charging
(Charger must comply with EN 50019 art. 5.6.4.)

Protection rating

IP 43 (EN 60 529)

Ambient temperature

Depending on type of selected battery

Material enclosure

Stainless steel (others on request)
Option: paint finish, steel hot dip galvanized finish

Internal lining

Hard PVC


Top opening cover with padlock facility
Option: pick doors

Cable inlet

According to customer specifications


Main switch or circuit breaker to customer specification