Hydraulic unit with Exd flameproof CUBEx enclosure

The 'CUBEx' flameproof enclosures are often used, even in electro-hydraulic control units for loading arms. The units are often next to the loading arm in a hazardous area. In this particular case the flameproof enclosure has been integrated into the hydraulic unit.

The hydraulic loading arms are equipped with an electro-hydraulically actuated ERC (Emergency Release Coupler). In case the system should be stopped immediately an automatic release and closure of the productline on the loading arm can be realized by the ERC.

This situation occurs when the ship adrift. The ERC can also be activated by the operator / control room in case of fire. The ERC action is realized by a single hydraulic cylinder per loading arm, which is controlled by valves activated by the PLC. The PLC is in the flameproof CUBEx enclosure.

Besides controlling the ERC cylinders, the PLC also monitors the oil level and oil pressure. Also the PLC controls the motors for the hydraulic pumps.

The control and the monitoring of the ERC is mounted on the lid of the CUBEx enclosure. Per loading arm, the ERC can be activated by a arming switch. The actual status is indicated by an indicator lamp. The ERC of the loading arms can be activated manually by a push button or by a potential free contact, offered by the customer.

The hydraulic unit will be supplied by the customer complete with motors, hydraulic valve blocks and sensors. All relevant components are Exd (flameproof) or Exi (intrinsically safe) executed. Electromach assembles and connects the flameproof housing.

After completing the unit is an ATEX certified system applicable in Zone 1. In this way you can save on expensive field wiring.