Distribution board for Ex gas compressor

The explosion protected Exde distribution board is designed for temperature control and power supply for an explosion protected gas compressor.

The distribution board will be installed in a Zone 1 environment. It meets the classification II 2G Ex de IIC T5, and is suitable for an ambient temperature of -20°…+40°C. The degree of protection is IP66. The complete installation is executed in Stainless Steel.

The engineers of STAHL and Electromach have designed the distribution board together. The complete construction and assembly, and testing activities are performed by Electromach.

Due to the cooling issues of the Exd enclosures, this project was very interesting. To prevent too much heat participation in the Exd enclosures, external cooling plates were used. The enclosures were also painted. However due to these external cooling plates it was difficult to get the right thickness of the paint, but it worked.

The whole installation has been used for the Bongkot project in Thailand.

Bongkot Project

In the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, 203km from the coast of Songkhia, the Bongkot Project has been located. The area of 3.824 square kilometers includes more than 330 wells, about 70 exploration wells and 265 development wells, for natural gas production (approx. 604 million cubic meters per day).

At this time phase IV of the project, called Bongkot South, has been realised. Bongkot South has been extended with a production platform, living quarters platform for employees and 13 wellhead platforms.

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