The last edition of our Express Mail for 2012 is complete. We would like to thank you for the trust you have bestowed on us over the past few years. This has resulted in a good outcome and a positive growth.

This year, in which Electromach celebrates her 50th anniversary, we can conclude that the past years have been very positive for Electromach. The choice 3 years ago, to move to a new premises has been a very successful one.

The service you receive from all our employees, here at Electromach, will undoubtedly continue to be at its very best in 2013.

We are very much looking forward to working with you again in the coming year!

Increase productivity with Remote I/O!

The improved remote I/O IS1+ will lead to higher availability of your business process and cost reduction since configuration. Maintenance and integration will become much easier.

For many years now, IS1 has been the system that is most often installed in explosive atmospheres all over the world. It is continuously improved and expanded by new functions, such as PROFIBUS redundancy, DTM support, integration of optical rings or modules with integrated solenoid valves.

With IS1 Ethernet, the first step towards the future was taken in 2009. The first Zone 1 Remote I/O with communication based on the Industrial Ethernet standards MODBUS TCP and Ethernet IP. Fieldbus Foundation™ as well as PROFIBUS International are currently working on specifications and solutions for the application of their Ethernet protocols FF HSE and PROFINET in connection with Remote I/O.

In both working groups, R. STAHL is actively taking part with prototypes to jointly design the "Future Remote I/O".


Ex-News: Actual Ex Standards 31G/206/NP

In every newsletter you will find an actual overview of standards relating to explosion safety. In this issue the 31G/206/NP and the future IEC 60079-39 will be discussed.

31G/206/NP (NP = New Proposal)

Future IEC 60079-39 TS Ed. 1.0: Explosive atmospheres – Part 39: Intrinsically safe systems with electronically controlled spark duration limitation.

Short name: "Power-i"


New Employees

Frank Spanjer, Product Specialist Ex-Automation
As of the 1st of November, the Electromach Sales Team in Hengelo (NL) has a new member, Frank Spanjer.
Frank is our new Product Specialist for the Automation Group. This group is responsible for the product range concerning HMI systems, I/O interfacing including Fieldbus-, Remote I/O, camera systems and Ex solutions. Frank will visit our customers for technical support and workshops relating to Ex-Automation products.

Eddy Vanmunster, Regional Sales Manager STAHL N.V.
As of the 1st of November, the STAHL N.V. Sales Team in Dendermonde (B) also has a new member, Eddy Vanmunster. The STAHL N.V. office in Dendermonde, is responsible for the commercialization of the STAHL products in Belgium and Luxembourg.As a Regional Sales Manager Eddy will visit the customers in this area.

11-13 December: Elektro Vakbeurs Hardenberg (NL)

Electromach will exhibit on the Elektro Vakbeurs in Hardenberg this week (11-13 December).

Booth: 135

More information: website organisation

Signalling in hazardous areas

The increasing use of signalling devices to enhance safety in the workplace is to be welcomed. It is particularly important in petro-chemical and oil and gas plants where the potential for serious accidents is far greater than most industrial environments. The author knows this from personal experience: when visiting a site some 15 years ago there was a serious explosion and toxic gas leak. It is at that moment that one realises how tools to warn and control an emergency are absolutely essential.

Hazardous areas are defined as areas where concentrations of flammable gases, vapours or dusts may occur, either constantly (Zones 0 and 20), under normal operating conditions (Zones 1 and 21) or unusually (Zones 2 and 22). Products designed for hazardous locations have to meet ever increasing standards and regulations. ATEX is the key requirement for Europe, while in North America, UL standards apply. In other parts of the world, particularly Australia, IECEx is gaining increasing acceptance. As well as these globally recognised standards, there are many local fire approvals that usually have to be met. Additional certification such as VNIIPO in Russia, BOMBA in Malaysia and CCCF in China will be required.


Electromach calendar 2013

Have you not received our annual calendar yet? Please feel free to order your own copy.

For 2013 we have two different calendars available, a desk calendar as well as a 3-monthly wall calendar.


Electromach employees will keep on running....!

The good health of your employees is very important. Electromach is constantly busy arranging training and events and besides courses to prevent RSI-related complaints and a 'stop smoking' course, all employees can benefit from a discount with their gym membership.

This year, Electromach has sponsored multiple sportive activities, including the Enschede City RUN and the first Westermaat Soccer tournament, in which Electromach employees participated. Both events were a great success!

In 2013 the Enschede City RUN is back on the calendar again. The 10km City RUN is a yearly running event which will take place during the Enschede marathon weekend in April. A group of Electromach runners will participate in this 10km race.

Will you join us?


Growth necessitates investment and expansion Electromach premises

It has only been three years since Electromach moved to the new premises on the Jan Tinbergenstraat 193 in Hengelo. In these three years the company has been developing outstandingly, so further expansion is necessary.

Due to a strong growth in the sales of our CUBEx Exd solutions, a third CNC machine was brought into use in November 2011. In September this year the fourth CNC machine was added and in March next year the fifth CNC machine will follow. This month the machine park will also expand with the arrival of a laser machine.


Question of the month

In which zone can an apparatus be used which has the following Ex-classification?

Ex d e [ib] IIB T4

A) Zone 1 IIC T6

B) Zone 2 IIC T4

C) Zone 1 IIA T3

D) Zone 1 IIA T6

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Job openings

Location Hengelo (Ov)

  • (Senior) Sales Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer (MBO/HBO)
  • Engineer (HTS-E)
  • Lead Engineer
  • Draftsman/Engineer
  • Wiring mechanics
  • Employee inspection workshop
  • Calculator
  • Assistent Chief Electrical Workshop

Location Dendermonde, Belgium

Open job applications can be send to  

Happy holidays!

Due to the holidays our offices in Hengelo (NL) and Dendermonde (B) will be closed from the 24th of December, 2012 until the 2nd of January, 2013.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!