Electromach employees will keep on running....!

The good health of your employees is very important. Electromach is constantly busy arranging training and events and besides courses to prevent RSI-related complaints and a 'stop smoking' course, all employees can benefit from a discount with their gym membership.

This year, Electromach has sponsored multiple sportive activities, including the Enschede City RUN and the first Westermaat Soccer tournament, in which Electromach employees participated. Both events were a great success!

In 2013...

In 2013 Electromach will continue to motivate the employees to participate in sportive activities. All cyclists and mountain bikers were able to purchase special Electromach sports clothing and accessories to enable them to ride in style!

In 2013 the Enschede City RUN is back on the calendar again. The 10km City RUN is a yearly running event which will take place during the Enschede marathon weekend in April. A group of Electromach runners will participate in this 10km race.

What about you? Will you join us on Sunday on the 21st April?

For all Express Mail subscribers who will join us in the 10km City RUN, Electromach will sponsor a running shirt. For more information about the Enschede Marathon, please visit the website