LED Sightglass light fittings for hazardous areas, zone 1 and 21

The sightglass light fittings have been redesigned and foreseen with LED lighting. The advantage of LED displays compared to conventional lighting, are also applicable for hazardous areas. The high light output, the extreme long life span (20,000-40,000 hours), the low power consumption allowing continuous operation and especially the low maintenance costs are the well known advantages of the LED. Of course, this is also important for sightglass light fittings.


The light of the new sightglass light fittings is UV-free and have a cold light output. The light fittings can be combined with window wipers or spraying devices, depending on the type and application, to keep the sightglass clean.

In the range of sightglass light fittings two distinctive types are known: CHEMLUX and EdelLUX.

The main difference between these two types is the choice of material. The CHEMLUX has been made of corrosion resistant aluminium high integrity castings and is available in 4-7 Watts and the EdelLUX has been made entirely out of Stainless Steel and is equipped with a 2 Watt light source. The light output of a 7 Watt LED is compatible with a 50 Watt halogen lighting fixture.


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