Simple and effective mounting frame system of R.STAHL

During installation straight mounting surfaces are not always available. Often only tubular structures and concrete mesh is present, which makes it difficult to mount the Exe enclosures directly.

For these applications R.STAHL has a simple mounting frame system in its product range. The stainless steel mounting plates can be directly mounted on a concrete mesh with a 30mm grid with special clamps (1 1/4", 1 1/2"of 2").

In case there are no walls or other mounting options, special consoles are available for floor mounting. The special consoles can be placed near the installation which is a huge advantage. For outdoor use, a Stainless Steel rain/sunroof is available.

The mounting frame system can be used for both new and existing installations. Also an adapter plate is available so the frame systems are universal and can be used for material of multiple manufacturers.

Download information frame mounting system

Data sheet, 8298 series frame mounting system of R.STAHL. 


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