ELECTROMACH provided heaters for NUON CO2 catch-up project in Buggenum

Global warming, also known as the greenhouse effect, is a worldwide problem that has significant consequences for life on earth. The emission of CO2 is the principle cause of the greenhouse effect. That’s why it is so important to reduce CO2 emissions. Capturing CO2 offers a good solution for this. Nuon has started a pilot program to capture CO2 at the gasification power plant in Limburg.

Fewer CO2 emissions through capturing CO2

In the years ahead the demand for energy will increase worldwide. Regardless of the alternative energy sources in 2020 we will still be 80% dependent on oil, gas and coal. So we have to find cleaner alternatives: capturing CO2 is one such alternative.

Capturing CO2 pilot program in Buggenum

At the Willem-Alexander power plant in Buggenum, Nuon is starting a pilot program of capturing CO2. Capturing CO2 has been used for over 50 years in the petrochemical industry. Nuon’s aim is to optimize this process and to make capturing CO2 suitable for the energy sector.

The Willem-Alexander power plant already uses the gasification technology. This makes it the ideal location to test capturing CO2 pre-combustion.
With this pilot program, Nuon gains knowledge to reduce the emission of CO2 significantly. This knowledge can then be used at the new Nuon Magnum power plant at Eemshaven in the province of Groningen.

The test in Buggenum will probably take as long as two years and the investments will be about 40 million Euros.


For this project ELECTROMACH provided the following systems;

- 4 explosion proof electrical heaters, resp. 900kW, 700kW, 300kW and 154kW (from Kloëpper-Therm)

- A containerized switchboard station, which can be easily transported, equipped with:

  • 1x Motor Control Centre (MCC), 3600A, for the power supply of the heaters and other parts as:  pumps, engines and power supply of other control panels.
  • 4x Thyristor control panel for controlling the explosion proof heaters
  • 1x trace heating distribution board
  • 1x distribution board for lighting
Containerized switchboard station
MCC en thyristor control panels
Explosion proof heaters

Since the project will only be in progress for a limited time (approx. 2 years) Nuon has decided to use transportable units instead of more permanent units. These units can then be re-used in the future. The installation will be build on skids and transported to Buggenum in multiple parts.

Electrical heaters will be used in the pilot program to monitor the influence of a minimal temperature change on the process. The advantage of electrical heaters is that they can be easily controlled and a fixed temperature can be set. The heaters will be build on the skid and are for a Zone 2, IIC, T1 environment.

Thyristor control panel for explosion proof heater

The container is just outside the zone in an industrial environment. The Motor Control Centre (MCC), Capitole 40 manufactured by Eaton, is installed on one side of the container. Across the MCC the thyristor control panels are mounted. For these control panels a new type of thyristor unit has been used, called EPOWER.

The wiring of the MCC to the various thyristor control panels has been concealed in cable ducts under the container floor. Because of the required space which is needed to connect the power supply cables, the container has been placed on concrete piles.