Control panel for 'dual blower station' (Roots blower)

Electromach supplied a completely containerized control panel. In a restricted part of the container, two medium voltage transformers (6kV) were installed to transform the voltage to 690V. This voltage is needed for the main engines to control the ‘blowers’. The engines are controlled by inverters, also installed in the container.

A MCC (Motor Control Center) is installed in the container, to control the other engines and the heaters in the installation. The control panels, one for each Blower, are installed in the control room in the field. The (serial) communication between the control panels and the inverters is based on DeviceNet.

The control panel will be used to control a dual blower station, also called a Roots blower. The containerized system will be supplied to the company Rosscor and will be shipped to an oil field in Russia.

Containerized control panel

Roots Blower

The Roots type supercharger or Roots blower is a positive displacement pump for gas and will be applied in case of low pressures (about 1 bar) with a high flow rate (volume).

The name 'Roots' comes from the brothers Philander and Francis Marion Roots (USA), who patented this type of compressor in 1860.

In this application, the blower will pressurize the gas (atmospheric), before it will be transported to a compressor station.

  1= rotor 1

  2= casing

  3= rotor 2

  a= low pressure gas in

  b= fluid compressed in rotor void

  c= higher pressure gas out