NEW: Signalling equipment

New on the market are these small energy-efficient, yet powerful, intrinsically safe panel mount sounders and panel mount indicators for zone 0, 1 and 2.

Intrinsically safe panel mount sounder (IS-pA1) and indicator (IS-pB1)

The intrinsically safe panel mount sounder is ideal for use as process alarm on control panels. For fault indication it is also very common to use an indicator.

The panel mount sounder produces a 90dB(A) sound and the indicator is equipped with LED lights, creating a bright light, and long life is also guaranteed.

A clear signal, thanks to our new brighter L101H LED beacon

For the industrial market, the L101H LED beacon is available. With a prismatic lens and high output LEDs, the beacon is always easily spotted, even in bright sunlight.

The beacon is available at the end of February 2011.

Gastech Conference & Exhibition

These new signalling products will be presented on the Gastech Conference & Exhibiton at the RAI in Amsterdam on the E2S booth.

Date: 21-24 March 2011

Website Gastech

Deze producten zijn van het fabrikaat E2S,