New Hand Lamp from STAHL for an amazing price!

All previous hand lamp models can be replaced by this new innovative model of Stahl, the 6148 series hand lamps with LED technology.

Today a lamp with LED technology is more standard than exception. Besides the LED technology however, this hand lamp has many exceptional features.

Due to the ergonomic shape and lightweight (<1.6 kg), the lamp can be operated with one hand. Combined with the fact that the hand lamp now meets the standards and requirements for the fire department, makes this hand lamp ideal for fire fighters.

De hand lamp has a very bright beam with a CBCP (Centre Beam Candle Power) > 24.000 candela. Due to the ‘cold white’ colour (CCT 6500K), the beam can be seen very well in case of fog, mist, in dusty environments, but also in rooms filled with smoke (in case of fire).

The Hand Lamp is provided with a 3W LED and a spare lamp of 0,5W. On a full charge, the Hand Lamp lasts 8 hours of continuous lighting (the previous model lasted 4 hours) and 18 hours in the blinking mode.  

The hand lamp is available in 24VDC and 230VAC version. It meets IP 66 (the old model IP 65) and operates at a temperature of -20°C up to +50°C (the old model up to +40°C).

There is also a large choice on accessories. A handy belt clip to attach the hand lamp to your belt easily, different lens colours, an universal docking station, charging cable for 12/24VDC (e.g. in the car) and a shoulder strap.

An adapter is available, also suitable for a CEAG charging station. You only need this adapter when you decide to use a STAHL Hand Lamp in stead of the CEAG Hand Lamp.

And the price…is very interesting! It’s significantly lower than other similar models in the market.