A141 disaster warning Siren

As you might know, at 12 o’clock sharp on the first Monday of the month, the alert systems are tested nationwide in the Netherlands. Not only for testing purposes, but also to keep the alert system in the public consciousness.

The new A141 disaster warning siren, the most powerful device ever produced by the company, is especially designed for these situations. The siren is ideal for usage on large industrial and petrochemical sites and for civil defence requirements. Multiple internationally recognized alarm tones can be generated, including fire, security and civil defense alert as well as COMAH (SEVESO II) toxic gas alarms and disaster warming for flood, tsunami and other severe weather conditions.
The A141 disaster warning siren has an output in excess of 140dB @ 1m, giving it an effective warning range of between 500 to 750m.

A141 Siren

Features of the new wide area sounder A141 include:

  • Choice of 45 user-selectable warning tones
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Remote control capability
  • Lightweight
  • Low energy consumption
  • High reliability
  • Meets the COMAH (SVESO II) directive

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