Ex-News: Recent developments regarding the 31/953/NP

In every newsletter you will find an actual overview of standards relating to explosion safety.

In this issue we publish the 31/953/NP, the future IEC 60079-32-2.



31/953/NP (NP = New Work Proposal)

Future IEC 60079-32-2 Ed. 1.0: Explosive atmospheres – Part 32-2: Electrostatic hazards – Tests


Scope of this standard

This part of IEC 60079 describes test methods about the equipment, product and process properties necessary to avoid ignition and electrostatic shock hazards arising from static electricity. It can be used in a risk assessment of electrostatic hazards or for the preparation of product family or dedicated product standards for electrical or non-electrical machines or equipment.

The purpose of this standard is to provide standard test methods used for the control of static electricity, such as surface resistance, earth leakage resistance, powder resistance, liquid conductivity, capacitance and evaluation of the incendivity of provoked discharges. If the test methods cannot be applied for any reason, alternative approaches can be applied under the condition that at least the same level of safety is achieved.

Target date for this IS/TS is 2014.


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