Multi-certified control panel for resolver motor used for process vessel:

From our STAHL office in Houston, Electromach received a very unusual but interesting request from a major American supplier of processing equipment for refineries. Electromach had to design a control panel for a resolver motor, suitable for use in a hazardous area (a brushless transmitter resolver which looks like a small electrical motor). The control panel had to be mounted on a huge process vessel on site.

The design had to meet some very strict demands:

  • total weight <100kg
  • a solid construction to guarantee a smooth axel transmission
  • easy connection of the control panel in the field
  • multi-certification for worldwide applications

As the hazardous area is a zone 1 environment and the resolver motor itself is an industrial motor, it is necessary to build the resolver motor into an ‘Exd’ flameproof solution. Therefore Electromach chose a CUBEx enclosure (series 8264) made of copper-free aluminium.

By using ‘off-the-shelf’ components it was possible to keep the costs and the development time within limits.

'Exde' solution:

The ‘Exde’ solution consists of a flameproof copper-free aluminium enclosure, out of the CUBEx series, type 8264. This is combined with an ‘Exe’ increased safety stainless steel junction box, type 8125, for the field connections. Therefore it is not necessary to use barrier glands. This keeps the requested weight under the 100kg. The control panel is available in two, externally identical versions, available for the various types of resolver motors used.

The control panel is suitable for use in a zone 1 and a Division 2 environment, Gas Group IIB and temperature class T5. The customer is a well known worldwide supplier, which makes it important that the control panel complies with as many regulations as possible. Because there is no worldwide acceptance for this particular control panel, it is necessary to multi-certify the unit.

The control panel has been certified for the following:

  • NEC (North-America, Middle East)
  • UL do Brazil (South America)
  • ATEX (Europe, part of the world)
  • IECEx (Australia, New Zealand, part of the world)
  • Gost (previous Soviet Republics)
  • Peso (India)
  • Kosha (South Korea)

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CUBEx, Exd flameproof enclosure

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