More light and less energy

The successful EXLUX Fluorescent Luminaire has expanded with the 6001 series and is thus prepared for future demands. The footprint and weight has decreased by 25%. The energy efficiency (watts per m2 per 100lx) is 15% better than the market average, while the light output has increased by 10%.

LED technology has a future for this type of application, but is limited for safe operation at high ambient temperatures. The requested realization of the market based energy efficiency of the LED technology , showed the biggest concern being the heat dissipation from the special fixtures. The distribution of polar light is usually not variable and the perception of LED light for the human eye is often very different to the measured value.

The EXLUX 6001 is the result of more than 20 years development following the TL technology and shows no limitations, which enables the 6001-series to be used, without modification in ambient environments from -30°C to +60 °C in a temperature class T4. Polar light intensity can, by means of various reflectors, be adjusted to suit the given situation.The familiar EXLUX features, for example the central locking & wiring, are of course still available, in addition to some other minor improvements.The EXLUX 6001 is available from 18 to 2*58 watts. Certification is carried out according to the last available European and IEC standards.

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