The hand lamp, series 6147 will be replaced by a modern LED version

called the inspection light LED series 6149. This specific hand lamp model is a perfect alternative for the 6147 series. The hand lamp will disappear from our product range shortly.

The inspection light LED series 6149 offers a range of advantages. It has an extremely long service life due to the use of LED and an easy maintenance that requires little effort. Last but not least, the inspection light saves energy.

An important feature of this ATEX hand lamp is that it can illuminate rotating machines without the so-called stroboscopic effect. The EX-hand lamp is also shock and vibration resistant. This LED light can be used in many heavy industries through its various terminal voltages. Temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius up to +40 degrees Celsius are no exception. There are also convenient assembly brackets available to easily install the inspection light in many application zones.


-       Extremely long service life

-       LED light source

-       Bright light

-       Also suitable for machine lighting

-       Anti-roll design in the grip

-       Shock and vibration resistant

-       For 110…240V AC/DC and 24…48V AC/DC or 12 VDC

-       Suitable for zone 1,2,21 and 22

-       IP67

-       ATEX, IECex and EAC/TR-CU certified


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