Membership NEC31, the standard committee for explosion safety

Electromach is an active participant of the standards committee since 1988. The NEC31 is primarily engaged in the development of the standards concerning the relation between electrical equipment and explosions.   

Our colleague Wout Moulard is the president of the standards committee since 2004. Together with fellow worker Christian Cameron, he is highly involved in the national and international (IEC) standard committees. 

As a professional partner in Explosion safety we want to stay committed to the NEC31. For this reason, we are pleased to inform you that as of January 2016 our Technology Manager Jos Abbing has joined the committee as a new member.

The national standard committee meets twice a year. During these meetings, the participation in global and European meetings is being prepared. Each member of the committee works in specific task groups of the NEC31, assigned to their area of interest and follows the tasks of the European and global work groups. They prepare the Dutch comments and are responsible for determining the Dutch point of view. The project leader of one of the NEC31 task groups is preferably also a member of the corresponding  IEC/TC 31- en/of CLC/TC 31-work group and will, where possible, attend the meetings as the Dutch delegate. The Dutch point of view can be defended during these meetings. This is the most effective way to influence the standardization process. Furthermore, the national work programme includes Dutch translations of the explosion protection standards.

Want to know more about the NEC31 standards committee or interested in membership? You’ll find more information in the link below:

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