Succes Story

Explosion proof control panel for a steam turbine located in a hazardous environment (outdoors), Zone 2

Exp solution

An Exp solution was chosen due to the required instruments such as a Woodward turbine control. Due to the size of the system, the Exp solution was preferred. In this case, the Exp solution had more advantages than an Exd solution.

The control panel meets the requirement for a zone 2 environment and is ATEX certified Zone 2 (Exp IIA, T3).

The control panel consists of a sheet steel cabinet with a fluorescent lighting fixture mounted on the roof. The panel is equipped with various instruments, such as vibration and temperature monitoring equipment, the turbine speed control system, turbine overspeed protection system, digital indicators, pilot lights, switches and pushbuttons.

The installation will be supplied to the 'CAPSA, Refinery expansion project’ in Buenos Aires (Argentina). A revamp of an existing refinery, which deals with Gasoil Hydrodesulfurizing. Existing piping was subject to revision, including line size and routing changes, to accommodate the expansion program.

CAPSA refinery