Trust but verify!

This applies particularly to hazardous areas in industrial plants. Regardless of the location – whether it’s the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, on- or offshore platforms, tank farms, etc – a watchful eye is essential!
At the same time, the less people that are in close proximity to such hazardous areas, the better.

STAHL HMI Systems has a solution: the leading supplier of control and visualization systems for hazardous areas provides a comprehensive scope of supply for reliable and above all explosion protected video surveillance.
Our video surveillance systems, like all equipment from STAHL, comply with the highest safety standards and are certified to international standards.

Example of digital CCTV system

Camera solutions

CCTV camera, EC-710

The compact, explosion protected EC-710 camera, is the smallest camera worldwide for hazardous areas, with a diameter of only 55 millimetres. New are the 3 different viewing angles 33°, 70° and 81°.

DOME camera, EC-750

The Ex-DOME is especially designed to withstand rough conditions. The camera is waterproof as well as vibration proof and shock proof. For a perfect, all round view, the camera can be panned across 360° on a horizontal plane.

Auto-focus camera, EC-730

The EC-730 auto focus camera comes with an optical zoom providing up to 22x magnification, added to that is the 11x digital zoom. With its waterproof housing made of seawater proof aluminium, it can also withstand aggressive salty air and spray.