Mobile distribution board for use in non-hazardous area

A mobile distribution board can be an useful tool for maintenance purposes on large plants (for hazardous areas as non-hazardous areas). This compact mobile distribution board can be easily transported around the facility.


The unit shown on the pictures is a non-Ex execution, however, the majority of the unit has been equipped with explosion protected materials since the customer preferred the durable explosion protected materials rather than the industrial materials.

Stainless Steel cabinets with transformer
Lighting tubes for transportation of 8 fluorescent fixtures
A spare wheel is also available

The distribution board, as shown on the pictures, has been executed with:

    • 2 Stainless Steel cabinets with transformers as power supply for the mounted sockets and transportable lighting fixtures
    • Various sockets, 63A and 32A
    • Distribution board, series 8146, with main switch, fuses and circuit breakers
    • ‘Lighting tubes’ for 8 lighting fixtures and power supply cable

The mobile distribution board as shown is a non-Ex execution.

The unit has been equipped with inflatable tires and a Stainless Steel rain cover. The 8 lighting fixtures are equipped with magnetic clamps so they can be easily attached at the place where temporary lighting is critical.

Of course the shown distribution board is available in various executions, it’s a customized product and is also available in an EX execution.

Tip: These products can be used in combination with a mobile distribution board

6149/2: LED Inspection Light
8146: Distribution board
8150: Stainless Steel junction box
8570: Socket + Plug
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