Electromach provides safeguarding and control panels for 14 centrifugal pumps

For a major project in Russia, Electromach supplied the safeguarding and control panels for 14 barrel type centrifugal pumps. As the project will be realised in Russia, the GOST certification is applicable on all panels.

The centrigugal pumps are all electromotor driven and are located in 5 different locations. For the safeguarding and controlling of the pump, several electrical systems are necessary:

  • 2x Low Voltage Motor Control Centre
  • 5x Unit Control Panel
  • 12x Local Control Panel

Low Voltage Motor Control Centre (MCC)

The Low Voltage MCC's are designed for operation in the safe area (non-ex) and are executed as intelligent SIVACON S8 systems from Siemens. These systems are tailor made by using withdrawable sleds for each motor group, e.g. for the lube oil pumps.

The advantage for this design means that the sleds can be replaced without turning off the system. It is also possible to build a modular system.

By means of a redundant ProfiBus connection, both MCC's are connected to the central processing unit (CPU), which is mounted inside the Unit Control Panel.

Unit Control Panel (UCP)

5 Unit Control Panels have been delivered for use in the safe area (non-Ex). They are all executed as Rittal TS8 cabinets.

The first UCP houses the Central Processing Unit, in which the safeguarding and controlling of all 14 pumps has been programmed. It is executed as a redundant Controllogix PLC from Rockwell. The software has been developed by Electromach based on an amount of documents and close cooperation with the customer, to secure a functional operation.

For this project a Human Machine Interface (HMI) was requested. All available information will be communicated with the local DCS system for further process. This UCP is also responsible for the communication between the field instruments, Machine Monitoring Systems, both the MCCs and the customers DCS.

For the two smallest pumps, the analogue and digital in- and outputs are also incorporated into this UCP.

The remaining 4 Unit Control Panels each house the in- and output racks for the other 12 pumps.

Each UCP is fitted with a dedicated Machine Monitoring System per pump, which safeguards the temperature, vibration and axial displacement of every single pump.

Local Control Panel

For 12 pumps, a Local Control Panel has been supplied to start and stop the pump and its auxiliaries (e.g. Lube Oil Pump). It also visualizes the current status of the pump and its auxiliaries.

Each panel is executed as an Ex-d enclosure mounted on a frame, suitable for use in the hazardous area zone 1 and gas grou IIB, temperature class T3.
The frame will be integrated into the pump skid which houses the pumps, E-motor, gearbox and Lube Oil System.

Installing and acceptance on site

After delivery, the panels will be mounted on the skid by the customer. After arriving and installing the skid on site, Electromach will accompany the final acceptance process.

The challenge and strength of this project was to integrate all systems with one another and supply them together. It allowed the customer to have one partner for a substantial amount of the control equipment and therefore no necessity to communicate with different parties on relevant details. Subsequently they choose Electromach.   

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