Wireless Technology

The use of wireless technology in process industry, offers entirely new possibilities for the system operators to optimise existing production processes and adopt entirely new pats.
A wide field of applications with various solutions becomes available to the user: R.STAHL considers this trend in many different ways.

Besides WLAN, GSM and WirelessHART, R.STAHL also offers switches working without battery or power supply. Recently, the offer has been completed by a location system, offering new solutions for more efficient production processes and increased safety.

Completely Wireless and Battery-Free Ratio Switching Technology

The position switches of type 8074 and control devices of type 8040, are solutions provided by R.STAHL for signal transmission, via radio without any wires. Neither an external power supply or a battery is required to transmit a switching signal. The energy is generated simply by actuation.

The retrofitting and installation at exposed locations become very easy and lead to significantly reduced installation costs.
As an example control devices (type 8040) are suitable for usage in huge workshops containing a hazardous area, e.g. to open large doors or for operators driving a forklift. The unit will be installed on the right working height for forklift drivers, to enable them to open the door easily.

8040, Radio Control Devices
8074, Radio Position Switch
G053/11, Radio Receiver

Since the batteries can be left out, the maintenance costs are also significantly lower. Both switching and energy generation are adapted to the extreme requirements of the process industry. The enclosures of the position switches withstand even the toughest requirements and provide protection according to IP67.

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Wireless Technology

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