Mr. Schomaker (R.STAHL) during his speech.

Grand Opening Celebration of September 11, 2009

ELECTROMACH celebrated the grand opening of her new production facility on September 11th.  An occasion witnessed by a large number of national and international guests. In order to make this event informative and interesting we organized three seminars for our guests during this day:

  • ‘Introduction to IECEx’ by Theo Pijpker (KEMA)
  • ‘Electrical installations in hazardous areas’ by Wout Moelard (ELECTROMACH)
  • ‘Innovation and Innovative processes for harzardous location’ by Peter Völker (R.STAHL)

In the future we will organize such informative events on an annual basis. In the past we used to conduct similar seminars, called Safety Class, at the Beatrixgebouw in Utrecht. With this new facility we have now sufficient space to conduct such similar seminars in Hengelo.

The official opening was conducted at 17.00 o’clock by Mr. J.F. Wijnen, General Director of ELECTROMACH, Dr. P. Völker, member of the Board of Directors of  R.STAHL AG and Mr. M. Schomaker, President of the Board of Directors of R.STAHL AG. After the opening speech, a special paint canon was fired, creating a unique art work made out of an explosion of colors.

In conclusion, all the participants raised their glass for a toast and were invited to explore the new production facility for the 150 employees of ELECTROMACH.

Grand opening with an explosion from a paint canon
The art work is signed by Jan Wijnen
Wout Moelard explains the application of Ex flameproof enclosures
A tour around the new premises with Rob ter Meulen
Herman Alberts explains the principle of flameproof enclosures
Rudy Heuker of Hoek describes an Exe/d distribution panel
Gertjan van den Dolder entertains his guests
Jan Wijnen with Frederik Syberg, from STAHL-SYBERG.
Peter Völker (R.STAHL) with Vince Patterson, Managing Director CMP Products and Sarah Leeming