NEW: Intergrated diagnostic in Fieldbus Power Supply module

The new ISbus Advanced Fieldbus Power Supply of R.STAHL features individual integrated diagnostic for the “physical layer” parameters and is unique in its execution. Expensive additional diagnostic modules as backplanes and gateways are not necessary anymore. Effective monitoring of the Fieldbus H1 segment will be much easier and more economical attractive for the budget.
The Advanced Fieldbus Power Supply continuously reads the physical parameters (physical layer) of the fieldbus, such as voltage and current on the trunk, communication level, noise level, asymmetries and jitter.

If these parameters deteriorate by a value that can be freely adjusted on the device, the system will signal a warning via a yellow LED and simultaneously transfer the warning message to the control system via a potential-free relay contact.

Situations which completely exceed or fall below the fieldbus specification are signalled via a red LED and the relay contact.

The Advanced Fieldbus Power Supply can be connected to a PC through a serial interface in order to read out data if detailed information regarding physical layer parameters is desired.

Just like the basic version, the Advanced Fieldbus Power Supply System supplies the fieldbus with 28 V and 500 mA and enables a 1 A (!!) supply via a parallel connection of two devices in “Boost” mode.

The units, which can be installed on a DIN rail or on bus-Carriers, can be operated in mixed installations with basic models.

The complete ISbus concept for FF H1/PA, including the new Power Supply Unit, allows a more energy efficient, simple, stabile and flexible network, also for combinations of intrinsic safe, flameproof and Zone 2 instrumentation.

The new unique “physical layer diagnostics” allows for integrated, cost-efficient monitoring of fieldbus installations, rendering complex and costly separate diagnosis modules unnecessary.