Electromach Exd control panels for bulk handling solutions

For several years now Electromach provides Flameproof Exd 'CUBEx' control panels to Pneumix Injection Units in Son. Pneumix is specialized in bulk handling solutions, especially for the petrochemical industry.

For the main part these are standardized solutions for dosing and injection of catalysts and additives for the crackers of refineries. Catalysts and additives are very fine powders which are added to the cracking process.

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Influence of catalysts on the reaction rate

In the previous article you have read about catalysts and additives, two fine powders which are used in the cracking process. The video explains the influence of catalysts on the reaction rate.

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Question of the month

On which basis are Temperature Classes (T1-T6) divided?

A) Ambient temperature of gasses

B) Ignition temperature of gasses

C) Highest flash point

D) Ambient temperature of an apparatus

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Ex-News: Recent developments 31/970/NP

In every newsletter you will find an actual overview of standards relating to explosion safety. In this issue the 31/970/NP, the future IEC 60079-40 will be discussed.

31/970/NP (NP = New Proposal)

Future IEC 60079-40 TS Ed. 1.0: Explosive atmospheres – Requirements for process sealing between flammable or combustible process fluids and electrical systems.

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National News

National Tank inspection project PFS29 will start

As of October 2012, about 130 companies, which have been defined as BRZO, (Besluit Risico’s Zware Ongevallen, which translated means there is a potential of major injuries) with PGS29 storage tanks, will be paid a visit by the BRZO-inspection team. The team is formed by inspectors of the ‘Wabo’ authority and the inspection of Social Affairs and Employment. It concerns BRZO-inspections, with the focus on storage tanks. It is expected that it will take about 6 months to finalize the project.

Pilot project in ‘Rijnmondgebied’

Prior to the national project, a pilot project has been successfully performed in August and September of this year in the ‘Rijnmondgebied’. During this pilot 12 Tank Terminals have been reviewed. This was conducted by the DCMR Mileudienst Rijmond, Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam Rijnmond and the inspection of Social Affairs and Employment.

Topics for inspection

The purpose of the inspection is to determine the current security situation of the PGS29 storage tanks and whether further security measures have to be taken.

There are many aspects and risks to the storage of dangerous substances into storage tanks. It is physically impossible for an inspector to inspect all parts during one inspection. Therefore six important topics have been chosen which have to be carefully inspected.

  1. Integrity and maintenance of storage tanks
  2. Independent ‘overfill’ prevention
  3. Facilities for converting vapour / explosion safety
  4. Exposure risk to hazardous substances
  5. Foam, extinguishing and cooling installations
  6. Reception of firewater runoff



Electromach Safety Events

After participating in a number of national- and international exhibitions this year, e.g. On & Offshore (Gorinchem), Hannover Messe, Achema (Frankfurt), ONS (Stavanger) and Offshore Energy (Amsterdam), Electromach has decided to focus more on safety and regulations seminars to inform customers about the current situation in the market.

These Safety Events were held in Assen (NL), Vlaardingen (NL), Hoofddorp (NL) and Antwerp (B). During an afternoon filling program presentations were held by some renowned speakers about ATEX & IECEx, Electrostatics, Lightning and cooling in hazardous areas.

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