Ex-News: Actual Ex Standards

In every newsletter you will find an actual overview of standards relating to explosion safety. In this issue the 31/970/NP, the future IEC 60079-40 will be discussed.

Future IEC 60079-40 TS Ed. 1.0: Explosive atmospheres – Requirements for process sealing between flammable or combustible process fluids and electrical systems.

31/970/NP (NP = New Proposal)

Scope of this standard

This document provides specific requirements for process sealing between a flammable or combustible process fluid and an electrical system where the fluid could allow the migration of the process fluid directly into the electrical system to eliminate the need for additional separation measures.

This document contains requirements for evaluation, construction and testing of single process seal equipment, dual process seal equipment, and add-on secondary process seals.

The following documents have been issued in the meanwhile after the NP document:

  • 31/987/RVN: comments on the 31/970/NP,
  • 31/994/DC: draft standard
  • 31/1001/INF: comments on 31/994/DC

Target date for this IS/TS is 10-2013

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