Electromach Exd control panels for bulk handling solutions

For several years now Electromach provides Flameproof Exd 'CUBEx' control panels to Pneumix Injection Units in Son. Pneumix is specialized in bulk handling solutions, especially for the petrochemical industry.

For the main part these are standardized solutions for dosing and injection of catalysts and additives for the crackers of refineries. Catalysts and additives are very fine powders which are added to the cracking process.

These additives are essential for the refinery and therefore it is very important that the installations from Pneumix are extremely reliable and accurate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Depending on the refining capacity on a location, each day a dose between 1,000 kg and 50,000 kg of catalysts and additives are used. The largest refinery in Europe is in Antwerp (Total), which uses an amount of 12-16 tons of catalysts per day. The larger refineries are mainly situated in Asia and the Middle East. The demand of oil is still increasing, therefore new refineries in these regions are still being built. In Europe the demand for new refineries is decreasing.

It is clear that a proper logistic is required for loading, unloading and storage of consumption of these large amounts of catalysts and additives.

In Europe the logistic is usually well organized with bulk trucks. But in Asia and the Middle East this process is often not as smooth. In these countries it is common to use big bags of 1 ton, which are more challenging to handle.

To simplify the logistics of this, Pneumix designed a number of standard systems for the entire process of bulk handling. The injection unit, which is a well known product of Pneumix, is a complete skid. Which is known in the industry for it’s reliability and accuracy, using the latest technology in weighing cells. All supported through a special designed software. Pneumix has supplied over 130 of these type of installations in 32 countries.

Flameproof (Exd) CUBEx enclosures

Since all the skids are located in hazardous (gas) environments, the installations are standard build according to ATEX Zone 1 IIB T5. All non-Ex devices are mounted in the flameproof ‘CUBEx’ Exd enclosure from Electromach.

The demand for new product developments for the market of bulk handling solutions is a never ending process, therefore with Electromach as partner in Ex-solutions new innovations can be introduced in the market.

At the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013, a project in Germany will start for the automatic transport of Cokes fines. When this project will be continued, the flameproof Exd ‘CUBEx’ enclosures from Electromach will be used again.

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