Obligations and responsibilities of operators of electrical installations

There is not any technical system that functions safely per se and maintains the original functionality without interventions from the outside during its entire service life even if it has been designed, manufactured and tested extensively and carefully.

Apart from the design of a product and an adequate production quality, a correct installation and a preventive maintenance are also important, which registers all types of external influence on the product during its entire service life in suitable inspections in order to revert as far as possible the negative impact on functionality and safety by applying appropriate measure. To a greater extent than with technical products from the industrial and consumer goods sector, all product characteristics relevant for product safety have to be taken into account in addition to the mere technical functionality with safety-related products such as explosion-protected electrical equipment (e.g. lights or switches). The high safety level required for operation in potentially explosive environments can only be guaranteed if delivered products are of adequate quality, are installed and operated according to the instructions of the manufacturer and are maintained at regular intervals. As in other safety-critical areas, the cooperation of manufacturers and operators under the surveillance of the corresponding public institution is relevant for explosion protection.

The brochure "operators of electrical equipment in hazardous areas" deals with several aspects of this cooperation considering in particular the tasks of the operator from the point of view of the manufacturer of explosion-protected electrical equipment. The focus is on the electrical explosion protection. The mechanical explosion protection is only mentioned marginally.

Brochure "Obligations and Tasks" (only in German)